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Online Straw Poll

If you know your precinct & Voter ID number,
complete the straw poll now.

What is a straw poll? It's a poll that gives a non-binding sense of the electorate at the time it is taken. It's a way for voters and candidates to see who has the most support in a race at a moment in time.

The time and date of our caucuses, which are where we usually take our straw poll (as we'll be doing this year as well), is fixed by Colorado State statutes. Unfortunately, there are some who just can't make it out to caucus, though, so we are conducting this online-poll to allow all Republicans in Adams County to have their voices heard. If you are able, we would encourage you to attend your caucus on the evening of March 6th, but for those who simply can't be there, please feel free to take advantage of this option.

In order to take the poll, you'll need to have some information so that we can confirm that you're a Republican, specifically the year you were born, your voter ID number and your precinct.

How do I find my Voter ID & Precinct Number?

  1. Visit the Secretary of State's website (opens in new tab/window)
  2. Click "Verify/Update record"
  3. Enter the required information and click "Search"
  4. Your Voter ID is listed on the results page under "Registration" on the "Voter Details" tab
  5. Now click on the "County & District Information" tab
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to locate your precinct number (the last three digits are what you need; see the image below)

Precinct Number Breakdown
While your full precinct number is 10 digits, the last 3 digits are also commonly referred to as the precinct number, and are what you need for the straw poll.

After that, complete the straw poll!

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