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Election Integrity Center

Current Rules

SOS Election Rules change annually, so be sure to review them before each election.

Report An Incident

If you observe any suspicious activities by others please document as much as you can (photo, video) and fill out an incident report.  Email if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Document Document Document

If you are a poll watcher or election judge, document your observations within the scope of the law and oath.  If it is not documented, it did not happen!  Here is a sample report form you can use.

Election Integrity Demands

  1. Every eligible voter is provided an opportunity to vote once
  2. Every cast ballot and cast vote is anonymous
  3. No ineligible ballots are cast
  4. No ineligible ballots are counted
  5. Every eligible vote is correctly interpreted and counted once
  6. All election records and processes are transparent

Election Integrity Manual

The Problem

Why Voting by Email is A problem

Yes, Colorado Voters, in limited situations, may vote by email at this time. The Colorado Secretary of State and many County Clerks and Recorders are trying to expand this.  They refuse to accept the hazards of internet security.  It's not a matter of if these will be hacked and altered, but when and to what extent.

CO Election Law

Poll Watcher Resources

  1. Judge placement
  2. Counts by location and vote type & Chase Lists
  3. Challenges & Cure Lists
  4. Cross Check for inactives or flagged
  5. Ballot Errors & Ballot Tracking
  6. Undeliverable Confirmations (For newly registred voters)
  7. Same day voters
  8. Drop off boxes for harvest dumps
  9. Ballots on Demand per location
  10. Chain of custody logs
  11. Emergency Ballots Cast
  12. Ballots Cast by Email
  13. Judge distribution & pairing
  14. Challenges issued & disposition
  15. Ballot markings

Canvass Board Resources

Election Watch Incendent Form

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