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Commerce City Candidates

Candidates for offices in Commerce City—Odd-year elections

City Council At-large

Benjamin Huseman

I enlisted in the military when I was 17 years old and spent 20 years in the United States Air Force, retiring from Buckley AFB, in February of 2014. As my retirement got closer, my wife and I decided to settle down in Commerce City. Throughout my entire career I have been dedicated to helping my community. At my first duty station in Minot, North Dakota, I worked with a group to restore a women's shelter that housed abused women. In Las Vegas I worked with a program called Christmas in April where we performed repairs on houses where the owners couldn’t afford to do so themselves. In Korea, Honduras, and Missouri I was involved with Habitat for Humanity construction projects, and in Missouri I even had the opportunity be the president of our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. After the 2011 tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri, I led a group of Airmen to go build houses in the hardest hit area of the city with Habit for Humanity. Seeing the gratitude of those who were in need of help was very rewarding. All of these volunteer activities gave me a great appreciation for being active in the community and making a difference for my fellow citizens. Although I retired in 2014 and started my life over at the age of 38, I never lost the desire to help others and make a difference. Since moving to Commerce City I have volunteered to Co-chair the Citizen’s Public Safety Advisory Board, be the vice president of my metro district, and the president of my HOA. I volunteer for these positions because I want this to be the best and safest city for me to raise my daughter in. Making a difference and improving the lives of my family and yours is why I am running for city council.

Commerce City's Top 3 Challenges:

  • Lack of retail & dining establishments
  • Education
  • High cost of housing

See more on the Candidate information Sheet (pdf) from the Commerce City website.

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William Jackson

Born and raised in Colorado as a sixth generation native on my father's side. I love this Centennial State, which I call the best state in the nation. I grew up with small businesses my whole life and see the struggles business owners have to provide their goods or services to the public. I have an AS in Art and BS Information Technology. I hold several information security certifications and over a decade of service in the cyber security space.

I have lived the Illinois, DC area, Norfolk VA, Ingleside TX and Kuwait. I have seen how many different local, state and country governments work and sometimes don’t work. I can use that experience to focus on a positive economic plan that will bring us more businesses and funding for improving our schools, infrastructure and quality of life.

I have served my state and nation in the US Navy, Civil Servant and as a Defense contractor in various agencies within the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Commerce. I am a Cyber Security Professional conducting digital forensics and incident response for the US Government. I am also part of InfaGard, working with the FBI and US Companies to better defend our nation’s digital infrastructure.

I have a wonderful daughter whom I love very much. I want to leave this city and state to her in better shape than I inherited, as those before me did each and every generation.

My primary goals as A Council Member:

  1. Help Small Businesses thrive with reducing taxes, licensing, permit and regulations costs.
  2. Support our Law Enforcement Department in fulfilling protecting and serving Commerce City.
  3. Building a Data Center to bring income to this city outside of taxes, fines and fees.
  4. Help Home Builders lower costs to provide more affordable housing for our residents.
  5. Work though the budges and negotiate for better contracts, lower costs for operating and automate/stream line as many function as we can to provide better service at a lower price.

The actions above will help reduce sales taxes and the financial burden on the residence and businesses with adding revenue to city services and core community programs are not degraded.

Please learn more about me or contact me:
My Cell: 303-929-0056
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Anthony Stellato

bio pending...

City Council Ward III

Nicole Frank

My name is Nicole Frank. I have been a resident of Ward III for the last 18 years. I have raised a family here, and believe in making positive changes for the residents of Commerce City. I currently serve on the Planning Commission for Commerce City, have supported School District 27J on various committees, am currently a Trustee for a health trust in Colorado, and have previously served on the PTO for Belle Creek Charter School.

I am determined to leave a legacy of making families better, making business growth smarter, and making our community greater.

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