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Adams County Caucus 2018

Important Dates

  • Adams County Assembly is 8:30 a.m. Saturday March 17th at the Adams County Fairgrounds.
    The delegates who self-nominated on caucus night for their congressional district assembly and/or the state assembly are listed here.
    Click the image below to view a sample of the call; a paper copy was included with the envelope given to all elected delegates and alternates on caucus night.
  • HD56 Multi-County Assembly, April 7, 2018, 8:30 a.m. at the American Legion Post 183, Strasburg.
  • CD 4 Assembly April 13, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. in the Grand Mesa Ballroom (D/E/F) at the Hyatt Denver Tech Center, 7800 Tufts Ave, Denver. (Official Call) .
  • CD 6 Assembly April 7, 2018, at Hinckley HS, Aurora (Official Call).
  • CD 7 Assembly April 2, 2018 at the JeffCo Fairgrounds.(Official Call)
  • State Convention: Saturday, April 14, 2018, at the Coors Event Center in Boulder (Official Call).

County, Congressional, & State Delegates/Alternates

  • Total Adams County Delegates: AdCo GOP will send 270 delegates and up to 270 alternates (depending on how many people choose to self-nominate for delegate) from our County Assembly to the State Assembly in Boulder.
  • Total Statewide Delegates —There will be 4206 delegates to the CO State Assembly.
  • Caucus Date: March 6th, 2018
  • Cost: Participating in Caucus is free. In order to cover the costs of higher assemblies/conventions, all delegates and alternates must pay the following fees, due the night of caucus. Failure to pay the night of caucus will disqualify delegates and alternates from serving.
    • $25 to be a Delegate or Alternate to the Adams County Assembly
    • $70 to qualify for the ballot to be a delegate to the CO State Assembly—this is the cost of the badge fee that the ACRC must pay to state GOP before they will issue your badge. We have no control over this cost.
    • $10 to qualify for the ballot to be a delegate to the Congressional District Assembly (CD4 or CD 6 or CD 7).

What to Bring to Caucus?

  1. Arrive early for check-in. Caucus begins promptly at 7 p.m.
    Note: Allow time to relocate in case you show up to the wrong place!
  2. Bring a photo ID for check-in
  3. Bring your checkbook or credit card (No Cash!) if you intend to be a delegate or alternate
  4. Prepare resolutions, which are position statements, that you would like to see become part of our party's platform. Resolution forms are available here

Colorado Caucus Explained

Caucus is where the political parties:

  1. Find grassroots volunteers
  2. Recruit leaders
  3. Define their platforms (What does it mean to be a Republican?)
  4. Begin the nominating process for partisan offices

Under Colorado law, the two things that must be done in each caucus are the election of Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) and Delegates to County Assembly. These two positions have different roles in the party.

A PCP is a leader within the party, with responsibilities spanning the two years until the next caucus occurs. A county party's PCPs (along with the District Captains and the three-to-five county officers) make up the party central committee. You will be expected to attend all the meetings of the central committee (typically two-to-three meetings in a two year span). Other duties are outlined in our PCP Duties handout.

Delegates are elected at caucus to represent their respective precincts at the County Assembly. During assembly, delegates

  1. Ratify the list of PCPs elected at caucus,
  2. Nominate between one and three candidates for each county level elected office,
  3. Break out into their respective state house districts to nominate between one and three candidates for each district,
  4. Break out into their respective state senate districts and, in the years when their district holds an election, nominate between one and three candidates for senate.

The assembly is also where the county's delegates to higher assemblies are elected (at least for Adams County GOP; some counties elect delegates to all levels on caucus night). Unless a county delegate is elected at assembly to one of the higher assemblies, his or her responsibilities end when the county assembly adjourns. Those elected to the higher assemblies will then attend those meetings and nominate between one and three candidates for the various offices at that level. Again, at the end of the last assembly to which a delegate is elected, his or her responsibiities come to an end.

January 8th 2018 was the last day to register as a Republican in Colorado in order to participate in our 2018 caucus and assembly process. If you missed this deadline, you will not be allowed to participate this year, but can attend and quietly observe so long as there is space. If you are already registered as a Republican but move to a different precinct, you need to be registered in that new precinct no later than February 6th to participatein the caucus for that precinct. If you move between the 6th and caucus night, you will be able to participate in the caucus for your old precinct, including voting for PCPs and delgates, but you may not run for any position there.

What's Up With The Straw Poll?

As has been the case since 2010, Adams County will conduct an unofficial straw poll. This poll is not binding on anyone; rather, it gives a sense of the support among the grassroots for each of the candidates as of the night of the caucus. The only official, binding votes are by delegates at the State GOP Assembly in April, and by all voters in the June primary.

Find My Caucus

All of our caucus locations are listed on our "Where's My Caucus?" page, which can also be found in the dropdown menu under "Caucus". Your location will be dictated by your precinct. Click here to visit the Colorado Secretary of State's website and find your precinct.

Volunteer to be a Caucus Leader

A caucus leader is a person who is trained to run and conduct their caucus meeting. We will provide you training and tools neede to be successful, including the agenda to run. Basically, you make sure the agenda is followed, paperwork is completeed, and money is collected from those who are elected to be delegates to higher assemblies. To volunteer, send us an email.

Caucus Training

  • General Caucus Training for participants will be provided via video on this website as soon as it is made available.
  • Caucus Leader Training dates are below. Current PCPs will be called upon to be their own precinct caucus leader and they should plan to attend one of the sessions mentioned above.

Caucus Resources

  • Two-Year Election Cycle Explained
  • How the Party Works Information Sheet
  • Adams County Caucus and Primary Process Information Sheet
  • How to run for Delegate Info Sheet

Precinct Committee People (PCP)

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