Adams County Republicans Life, Liberty, ProsperityGOP

We believe that our:

  1. Country is exceptional
  2. Constitution should be honored, valued, and upheld
  3. Leaders should serve people, not special interests
  4. Families and communities should be free from government intrusion
  5. Government has no place meddling in our religious beliefs or lifestyle choices
  6. Culture should respect and protect life
  7. Government should be smaller, smarter, and more efficient
  8. Healthcare decisions should be made by us and our doctors
  9. Paychecks should not be wasted on poorly run government programs
  10. Military must be strong and prepared to defend our shores and borders
  11. Children should never be left in failing schools
  12. Veterans should have the best care and opportunities in the world
  13. Social programs should lift people out of poverty, not enable it
  14. Country should be energy independent.
  15. Citizens deserve choice


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