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Precinct Leader Training

PCP Handbook
Our website is also your Handbook and Toolbox

Sample Precinct Brochure
Sample Email Newsletter

PCP Action Items

Complete the following by October 6th if at all possible. Contact your Area Coordinator or email if you have any questions or support needs.  Sign and return your DB User Agreement

  1. Watch the Voter Registration Video on the training page (must be logged in)
  2. Sign and return the VRD Affirmation (must re-certify in January 2016)
  3. Obtain the list of people in your precinct you need to register from your Area Coordinator
  4. Register voters 
  5. Status your Area Coordinator on your efforts.
  6. Visit our website for other ideas on how to take action and organize your precinct

  7. Contact your Area Coordinator for more information or help if needed

PCP Goals

  • Create your free account on this webiste and start receiving email updates
  • Complete your skills and interest inventory for your user account
  • Complete PCP / DC Training and read your PCP Handbook
  • Familiarize yourself with how the party works and our bylaws
  • Use this template to create your own precicnt brochure
  • Hold a house or block party to meet your neighbors - don't start out talking about politics - build rapport
  • Get Certified to register new voters - contact us to request training
  • Recruit neighbors to become a PCP to help you
  • Take Action 12 Easy Ways To Start

Suggestions to get started

  • Attend PCP Training - email for details.
  • Host a House Party
  • Host a block party
  • Hold a voter registration drive (or simply go to an event and register voters)
  • Host a movie screening (Contact us for suggestions and DVDs
  • Distribute a precinct brochure (Sample above)
  • Do a weekly email newsletter
  • Volunteer for a campaign
  • Volunteer to make calls from our victory office


  1. Why Become A PCP?  (Also use this to recruit new PCPs)
  2. The Precinct Project
  3. How To Take Over Your Precinct
  4. How To Build An Army of Precinct Captains
  5. How To Conduct A Voter Registration Drive
  6. Block Captain University (St. Louis Tea Party)
  7. Help scrub our voter rolls with True The Vote
  8. Effectivism Manual
  9. Strategy vs Tactics

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