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2017 Adams County GOP Central Committee Organizational Meeting January 17th, 2017
Dear Adams County Central Committee Member (and Registered Republicans),

Attached is the Official Call for the 2017 ACRC Organization Meeting on Saturday February 11, 2017.  We hope you can attend the meeting to pick your leadership for various roles so we can be successful as a team as we move towards winning all of our local city government and school board races in 2017 and other races in 2018.  Also attached are the ACRC Bylaws, Proposed Rules, ACRC Executive Committee Attendance, and ACRC Potential Candidate Questionnaire (for your use to identify possible 2017 candidates).

See you on the 11th, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or our Secretary Jeanne Woody, or visit our website (

Anil Mathai
Chairman – Adams County Republican Party

Dropbox links to important files:

Please print out at least the call and proposed rules (2 pages each), and review all the documents before Saturday, February 11th.

Note that, per the bylaws of the ACRC, membership of the Adams County Republican Central Committee is as follows:


Section 1: Members' Residency 

A. All members shall reside and be registered as Republicans in Adams County as shown by the voter registration records of the Adams County Clerk and Recorder. 

B. Additionally, since a member’s eligibility to serve is contingent on certain residency requirements, all members shall report any change of their residential address to the ACRC Secretary within 30 days.

Section 2: Voting Members 

Voting membership shall be composed of the following: 

A. The chairman, vice chairman, and secretary of the ACRC; 

B. The committee persons from each precinct (PCP) and the district captains (DC); 

C. All elected Republican United States senators and representatives in Congress residing in Adams County; 

D. The elected Republican state and county officials, including members of the General Assembly residing in Adams County; 

Section 3: Non-voting Members 

The non-voting membership shall be composed of and subject to the requirements of Section 1. 

A. Non-voting members shall have all of the privileges, rights and duties of voting members except they may not vote. 

B. Non-voting members of the ACRC shall include: 

1. The appointed officers and chairmen of the ACRC standing committees. 

2. The presiding county chairman or president of each of the nationally recognized Colorado Republican affiliates. 

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