Adams County Head Start – Offers programs for children ages 0-5, who have disabilities, are in foster or whose families have a limited income, to help them prepare for kindergarten. 303.286.4141

Bal Swan Children’s Center – Preschool that provides welcoming environment for children with diverse backgrounds and abilities. 303.466.6308

Child Find Assures all children who are in need of early intervent ion or special education services are located, identified and referred. Provides a free screening. (Caution of data collection  -Cradle to Grave) 

Children’s Outreach Project – Offers integrated, quality early childhood and kindergarten education services to typical children and children with developmental delays. Also provides therapeutic services to children in need. 303.429.0653

College Living Experience – College Living Experience is a post-secondary program that provides intensive assistance with academic, independent living and social skills to college students with special needs as they transition to become independent responsible adults. 800.486.5058

Colorado Bright Beginnings – Provides free programs for all parents to provide guidance, knowledge, and tools to create a bright beginning for their 303.433.6200

Colorado Department of Education – Exceptional Student Leadership Unit 303.866.6694

Creative Tutors – Offers one-on-one expert tutoring services in your home. Service is centered-on your child’s specific needs and no contracts are required. 303.521.6495

GED Services 303.654.1000

IDEA Information (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) 1.877.232.4332

Job Corp Entry with vocational training & individualized educational plans to obtain a GED/high school diploma.

College for Students with Disabilities a college guide for students with Disabilities

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Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, 7 pm
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O'Meara Ford
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Amazing Grace Community Church
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AdCo GOP Women Trumpeteers
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