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Student Data Mining: Demand Informed Consent

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What Is Common Core

Set of education standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics for K-12. The idea is to create a universal set of expectations for each grade level so that, for example, a 6th grader in South Carolina will be as well-educated as a 6th grader in California.

When you start getting these national textbooks that are being produced, that’s going to homogenize the curriculum. – We get factory output; where is the individualism? Stimulation for creativity and individual thought?

Welcome to Common Core (extreme video), where the children are taught the principles of social justice and social agitation.

Myth vs Facts

They are not even standards! ANSI is not even followed

They are NOT state standards! States adopted national standards. Even Bill Gates is quoted at 1min 30 sec in this Glenn Beck video saying "When the tests ar aligned to the common standards, the curriculum will ine up as well, and it will unleash a powerful market of people providing services for better teaching."  - thus Microsoft will be able to own and sell all the software.

CDE Forward Thinking Progress - CO Dept Of Ed created CO Legacy Foundation for the purpose of creating and makreting support


2007 Elliot Asp chair of P-20 Council Data & Accountability Subcommittee Meeting Notes

While there exist considerable controversy around the issue of collection P-3 data for accountability purposes, the P-3 subcommittee does support:

· A unique identifier for all children entering early childhood programs, at a minimum all publicly funded programs that will stay with the child throughout his/her educational career. Must the identifier be a child’s social security number to accommodate mobility, or can another identifier be used? This is a key issue that will require further study.

· A unique identifier for all early childhood teachers/educators

· Better data on program quality – expanding the Qualistar data to all programs statewide.

· Finally, although the subcommittee focused on 3 & 4 year olds, any statewide data system should be designed to accommodate data on children from birth.

· Some discussion followed regarding the appropriateness of formally assessing children as young as 3-4 years old, or whether universal identifiers should be assigned to infants and toddlers.

· The term pre-school should be changed to early childhood wherever it appears

· The governance of the system should address who owns the data and ensure that it provides for a common data structure that facilitates the interchange of data horizontally and vertically – i.e. THEY WILL SHARE DATA. (it was suggested that a new semi-independent state agency be created to collect, house and manage the data).

· Finally, it was suggested that recommendation #3 of the Data and Accountability subcommittee’s statement of goals and recommendations should use the term “service providers” rather than “school districts” to accommodate other types of early childhood program providers  

Inappropriate Curriculum

  • The standards are developmentally inappropriateshort video.
  • Delaying algebra and other mathematical disciplines to the higher grades may prevent some students from pursuing engineering, accounting and other math-based careers
  • Special needs kids and kids with disabilities are to be tested at grade level, evein if their IEP says otherwise.
  • NY high school lesson, "Think like a Nazi," argues why Jews are evil.
  • Fox News article "Fourth graders taught about 'pimps' and 'mobstaz' in Louisiana.
  • Arizona pulls sexually charged novel from classrooms
  • Book:  The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison is on the suggested reading list for grades 11 and 12. WARNING GRAPHIC Page 162-163
    "A bolt of desire ran down his genitals . . . . and softening the lips of his anus. . . . He wanted to fuck her—tenderly. But the tenderness would not hold. The tightness of her vagina was more than he could bear. His soul seemed to slip down his guts and fly out into her, and the gigantic thrust he made into her then provoked the only sound she made. Removing himself from her was so painful to him he cut it short and snatched his genitals out of the dry harbor of her vagina. She appeared to have fainted. 
    For more quotes from the book read politichicksand the blaze


Feb 17, 2009 Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which lays the foundation for education reform – Common Core via Race To The Top Grant Program – promises federal dollars with “strings attached” (Not State Led)

Reforms were driven by the controverisal competitive Federal education grant program, Race to the Top. This program calls on states to implement four pillars of education reform defined in the bailout dubbed American Recovery & Investment Act.  Schools hurting for funding during the recession had to agree to this to get Federal financial assistance. The US Dept. of Ed used nearly $4 Billion in Race to the Top money as a ploy to force states into adopting Common Core. If States wanted Federal financial assistance for public schools during these hard times, states had to agree to adopt Common Core to get the help

The standards were written behind closed doors, by non-educators, then copyrighted so they could not be changed - (Actually there are major restrictions limiting changes.)

5 members of the 29 member Validation Committee refused to sign off on the standards (page 8)

  • Alfino Flores PhD
  • Barry McGaw, PhD
  • James Milgram, PhD
  • Sandra Stotsky, PhD
  • Dylan William, PhD

In his testimony to the Indiana General Assembly, Dr. Milgram said (at 4:35:00) that the committee was rushed by the "federal government." He also said, "I don't know how that happened because we were supposed to be independent of the federal government."

  • Comments submitted by the five members who would not sign off on the standards were never published. (5 people wrote state led common core)
  • If the standards are so good, why did 5 of the professors on the validation committee refuse to sign off on them?
  • No meeting minutes of the validation committee were ever published.
  • The reviewers had to sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • The reviewers that refused to sign off on the standards are now silenced by this agreement.
  • Because the standards were written by a private trade organization, we cannot even request a FOIA to find out the hows and whys.

Who Wrote The Standards?

They were written by 5 business people for $50 Million


The Private Club chart (source)

NGA - National Governor's Association & CCSSO - Council of Chief State School Officers - are trade based organizations in Washington DC. They are not tied to any states, rather the Federal Govt. 

NGA & CCSSO wrote Benchmarking for Success that called for a national set of standards and they launched the main website.

Achieve Incorporated is a standards and testing organization that is the foundation and front forNGA and CCSSO to deflect Washington DC and the Federal Govt. away from their effort which is clearly the Federal Government's attempt to Nationalize Education.  (History of Achieve)

Bill Gates - money trail and an audit of Gates spending on Common Core

Jeb Bush - Wrote in National Review that "higher standards won't harm parental choice, indocrinate our children with any secret liberal agenda, or infringe on the privacy of student data." Michelle Malkin tracks the history of Bush and the money he has accepted for personal and political gain.

David Coleman the lead English standards author, with his fellow 1991 Oxford alum, Jason Zimba, as the lead math author. Coleman is President of the College Board and co-founder of Student Achievement Partners

Student Achievement Partners

Stand For Children - The same day they presented their petition in favor of Common Core to the Colorado Department of Education, other states discovered many of the petition signatures were fake.

ELA (English Language Arts) and Mathematics workgroups were comprised of "content experts" from Achieve Inc. (Achieve appointed people who comprised the workgroups that defined the standards.) 


The federal government is prohibited to direct, control, or supervise state or local elementary and secondary education. Former Counsels of U.S. Department of Education, Talbert and Eitel, recommend a congressional hearing on the legality of Common Core.

Under the Constitution, education belongs to individual states. It is illegal for the federal government to interfere in the states’ right of making educational decisions. National standards are illegal. National data collection is illegal. And the General Educational Provisions Act prohibits the federal government from directing education –very, very clearly:

“No provision of any applicable program shall be construed to authorize any department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States to exercise any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system, or over the selection of library resources, textbooks, or other printed or published instructional materials by any educational institution or school system…”

Take Action

Access Your Child's Data - Know Your Rights

Report Data Brokers

Materials To Hand Out



Is CO Creating It's Own Gatica & Minority Report via Public Education?

Video: How one CEO will use your child to collect 10 Million Data Points Per Day


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