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Chairman's Corner

July 2017

Dear Adams County Republican Central Committee,
I hope you are well. May has been a busy month and I was unable to send an email update so I apologize. As we keep our focus on winning Adams County in November, I wanted to update you on some items for our county party,


June to September 2016 (per your life schedule)
  • Connect with Republican Voters in our precincts,
  • Help candidates as needed
  • Volunteer at Events
  • Help Party Raise Money
October – November 2016
  •  Get Out The Vote

Candidate Support

  • Candidate Support - Now is the time to get more involved with helping our local candidates. Candidate support is in full swing and District Captains, PCPs and friends are walking neighborhoods and precincts with candidates, making phone calls on behalf of candidates, and holding community meet and greet events.
  • Please call or email us asap to let us know how you can help our candidates get the votes they need this coming November


  • Our latest updates will be put on our Adams County Republican Facebook page, please do connect with the page to get the latest information.
  •  In order to not bog down people’s emails from the county party, we will normally send no more than one email per week.
  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call/text me at 303-842-4932


  • I thank you for attending one of trainings in May.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I intended to get you your login credentials (for those who attended the training and completely filled out user forms) by the end of May but we have had some technical errors that we have now resolved. My goal is to get login information to you by early next week. If you need a walking list before that, just email me and I can prepare one for your precinct.
  • Once we get past the technical issues, etc. we will go full force in communicating with our Republican voters in our precincts. More info soon.
  • Additional training has not been scheduled for those unavailable to attend in early May. Please contact your Area Coordinators (Sharon Croghan for HD 30 & 56, Nancy Thompson for HD 34 & 35 and Matt Dudley for HD 31 & 32) directly so we can ascertain the need for further training. 
  •  If you feel you will be ok to do self-training, and login, then fill out our user form and return to our email to get login info.


·         Events are listed on our home page and in our calendar
·         Please remember to regularly check our website for calendar and event information.  
·         We need volunteers ASAP. 

Your Role

·         Life is busy and fun meeting and communicating with your fellow Republican and other voters in your precinct.
·         Only 20% of our PCPs attended the training and 20% of our DCs attended training.  PCPs made a commitment to their fellow Republicans and DCs made a commitment to their PCPs.  Please step up and get involved.  Talk to your Area Coordinators for advice, help, etc.  We are here to serve you so you can serve our fellow Republican voters.
·         We need to find many PCPs so if you have friends who would be interested, please contact me so I can contact them or have them call me.
·         If you cannot do your role as initially intended, then please send your resignation to us via email.  We have to ensure we have an active organization for us to win in November.

Thanks and God bless!
Anil Mathai
Chairman - Adams County Republican Party

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