Adams County Republican Central Committee

Download PDF—Please note that, while we make every effort to keep this list current and accurate, it is not official. The official list of the membership of the ACRC is maintained by the party secretary.

Colorado Republican State Party Officers

Chairman Steve House 303.880.3242
Vice Chairman Derrick Wilburn 719.237.0070
Secretary Brandi Meek 970.629.9762

Adams County Republicans

Chairman Anil Mathai 303-842-4932
Vice Chairman JoAnn Windholz 303-452-3445
Secretary Doug Woody 303-726-2891

Area Coordinators

HD31 & HD32 Matt Dudley 720.880.8423
HD30 & HD56 Meaghan Croghan 970-518-5239
HD34 & HD35 Nancy Thompson 303.428.5624

House District Officers

District Officers
Office Name & email link Phone
HD30 Chair JoAnn Windholz 303-452-3445
HD30 Vice Chair Jayne Schindler 303-452-2931
HD30 Secretary Lisa Smith 720-929-0454
HD31 Chair Mark White 303-710-7714
HD31 Vice Chair Arnold Gerlock 303-913-1972
HD31 Secretary Tamara Pierce 720-214-1697
HD32 Chair Kaarl Hoopes 303-808-5885
HD32 Vice Chair Matthew Zielinski 303-818-4608
HD32 Secretary James Riddle 303-428-7962
HD34 Chair Dustin Johnson 720-660-7264
HD34 Vice Chair George Kline 303-650-9268
HD34 Secretary Jeanne Woody 303-263-0479
HD35 Chair Nancy Thompson 303-428-5624
HD35 Vice Chair Joe Janecky 720-415-8706
HD35 Secretary Gaylynn Jameson 303-519-2248
HD56 Chair Neal Mancuso 303-476-1702
HD56 Vice Chair Sharon Croghan 970-381-6823
HD56 Secretary Nancy Wenlock 720-320-1767

Precinct Committee People (PCPs) 

Click here for a list of PCPs by precinct number.

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Exec Cmte Meeting
Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, 7 pm
Date/ Time/ Location Tentative

O'Meara Ford
2nd Floor Community Room
400 W 104th Ave

Monthly Club Meetings

Reagan Club
1st Thursdays
Amazing Grace Community Church
541 E 99th Place, Thornton

North Suburban Rep Forum
2nd Saturdays
Amazing Grace Community Church
541 E 99th Place, Thornton

AdCo GOP Women Trumpeteers
4th Saturdays
Amazing Grace Community Church
541 E 99th Place, Thornton

Adams County Events

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