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Caucus Is Coming

Colorado Caucus

Fellow Adams County Republicans,

I was excited as my Philadelphia Eagles won against a dynasty, the amazing New England Patriots. Philadelphia Coach Doug Pederson said, "An individual can make a difference, but a team makes a miracle." (see video here) We here in Adams County are fighting a dynasty of sorts—it's a mentality that growing government and increasing tyranny on We The People is the way to "success". But that is the direction to destruction of our families, our communities, our county and state. We need your help in changing that destructive dynamic here in Adams County!

Our Super Bowl is to win all the following offices this November:

  • 8 races in Adams County: Assessor; Clerk & Recorder; 2 Commissioners (Districts 3 & 4); Coroner; Sheriff; Surveyor; and Treasurer
  • 7 races in the State Legislature: Senate District 24 and House Districts 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, and 56
  • well as 4 statewide races for Attorney General, Governor, Secretary of State, and Treasurer

So I need your help for a miracle to occur. Here is our game plan:

  • Join us Tuesday, February 13th for at 7 p.m. for Caucus Training at the Northglenn IHOP, located on the northwest corner of 104th Ave & I-25.
  • Come to Caucus on March 6 to become a Precinct Committee Person (PCP), a Delegate or Alternate, etc. (Caucus information on our Facebook page and here at
    • Tell others about the Adams County Caucus. Follow up marketing email will be coming soon (see attachments below)!
    • Donate online to help us offset costs for the caucus (we are not charging extra to make money off anyone, we are charging break even so all can afford to attend).
  • After you win at Caucus as a Delegate or Alternate, come to our County Assembly on March 17 and vote on County, SD, and HD candidates so we can finalize our lineup for primary in June and then for the general election in November.
  • PCPs attend training in May
  • Vote your primary ballot in June
  • July to November—help us get voters registered to vote
  • Most Important—All hands on deck to help us GET OUT THE VOTE with 100% of Registered Republicans having voted
  • TOUCHDOWN!! WE WIN ALL OF OUR RACES (for our children and grandchildren)

We need your help! We need your participation! Our focus is clear – Returning our county, state, and nation to conservative leadership by 2018 by restoring Trust with all people especially Republican and Unaffiliated Voters and by fully supporting our US Constitution, RNC Platform, and our Conservative Values & Principles.

The ACRC leadership is moving forward for SUCCESS, with all willing and truly supportive friends, to lead our party to WIN in November 2018. We must Restore Trust and Unity through Our Written Documents and keep our focus on growing our base and party through our complete allegiance to our historical documents! We must focus on local races if we are to lead our county, state, and nation back to conservative values. It takes each of us: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (Property Rights)” for ALL Americans! WE CAN DO IT AND FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION AS WE ARE HEADED TOWARD(S) COMMUNISM EACH DAY!

You are the difference and we are the principled unified conservative team that will help us bring a miracle of great leadership back to Adams County! We must work hard to make our state the Conservative Star it was designed to be, for the success of all Colorado families! Be an active part of the team! Let win our Adams County Superbowl! Thanks and God bless!

Anil Mathai
Chairman, Adams County Republican Party


You can help us spread the word about caucus! Below we are linking two handouts for you to distribute to help get the word out about what caucus is. In a couple of days we'll be presenting more ideas for getting the word out.

Let's rock the caucus!

Does Your Vote Count? (pdf)

Does Your Vote Count? small (pdf)

Rock the Caucus!

The ACRC Executive Team is working hard on finalizing locations and procedures for the 2018 caucus coming the evening of March 6th, and we're mostly there. See our (preliminary!) site listings here.

One key point to keep in mind: You must be a registered Republican as shown in the statewide voter database on or before January 8th to participate in our caucus (likewise, you must be a registered Democrat by that time to participate in their caucus). If you're wondering why that is with the new open primary law passed in 2016, well, that's the primary, which will be in June. Caucus is about recruiting volunteers and party leaders, and remains closed to those not registered with the parties.

Also see our Caucus FAQ page, or download the pdf here.

Central Committee Meeting Results

On December 16, 2017, the Adams County Republican Party Central Committee passed revisions to our bylaws. See them (here).

The results of our biennial Reorganization Meeting, held February 11th, are available on this page.

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