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State Assembly

For the remaining delegates elected at our County Assembly on March 17th to the State GOP Assembly this Saturday (April 14th) who have not yet picked up a badge, you'll need to see Vice Chairman JoAnn Windholz Saturday morning at the Coors Event Center in Boulder to do so. She'll be outside around 7:30 a.m., and the Assembly convenes at 9:00.

Concealed carry permit holders will be able to carry at the assembly, but you will need to enter through one specific entrance (we do not yet know which entrance that will be).

Also, check the links below for a parking-plan map and a listing of resolutions; you'll need this information Saturday morning.

Parking Map (pdf)
State Assembly Resolutions (pdf)
State Assembly Official Call (pdf)

Candidate Information

Visit our Candidates Page for information about candidates in the upcoming primary (June) and general election (November). Currently a listing, but more information forthcoming soon!

Caucus & Assembly Results

Updated April 4th

Update: Resolution results (pdf)

As there were fewer delegates elected to the Adams County Assembly (held on Saturday, March 17th) by the various precinct caucuses than seats alloted to the Adams County Delegation at the State Assembly, the delegates present and voting at the County Assembly unanimously passed a motion electing everyone who had self-nominated as a candidate for delegate to the state assembly and paid the badge fee that night via check or online by the end of the day, Friday, March 9th, to be a delegate at that assembly. Further, the delegates of the Adams County Assembly unanimously passed a motion that delegates elected to the Adams County Assembly who had not previously expressed interest in attending the State Assembly would be elected as a delegate to that assembly by paying the badge fee before the end of the day of County Assembly on Saturday, March 17th. The result of these two motions is a duly elected Adams County Delegation to the State Assembly of 125 members. (Official Delegation)

For the Congressional District Assemblies, there were again fewer delegates to the County Assembly residing in each Congressional District than seats allocated to Adams County for the respective Congressional District Assemblies. As a result, the delegates to the County Assembly passed motions for their respective districts to a) approve the election as delegate of those residing in the district who had indicated on caucus night a desire to attend the Congressional District Assembly and paid the badge fees within the same time-frame as indicated above for the State Assembly, and b) to further approve the election as delegate to the respective Congressional District Assembly of those who had not indicated a desire to attend the CD assembly if they paid the badge fee before the end of the day of assembly (Saturday, March 17th). All Delegates so elected (self-nominated on caucus night or having paid on the 17th) are available here:

Central Committee Meeting Results

On December 16, 2017, the Adams County Republican Party Central Committee passed revisions to our bylaws. See them (here).

The results of our biennial Reorganization Meeting, held February 11th, 2017, are available on this page.

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