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Declared Republican Candidates

2017 is a municipal/ school boards election year, and under Colorado law, these races are "non-partisan." This means that candidates are not selected by the parties and do not run with a party affiliation. However, political parties are allowed to support candidates whose values they believe align with their own, and we seek here to provide guidance as to which candidates hold conservative principles in the upcoming races.

To do that, we've sent out a questionnaire to all declared Republican candidates in this year's races. Those who've elected to return that form and provided answers indicating their support for our Constitution & conservative values are included in our voter guide.

See our pages for your jurisdiction(s) below for more information:
Commerce City
Adams 12 Schools
Brighton 27J Schools
Westminster Public Schools

Please click the image at right to download our Voter Guide (pdf). We encourage you to print it out & distribute to your friends and neighbors!

As for 2018, when the next round of partisan elections occurs, a list of declared candidates who will appear on the Adams County Primary Ballot will be made available when it is finalized in the spring.

The results of our biennial Reorganization Meeting, held February 11th, are available on this page.

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